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Child Support provides full services when:

  • an application for full services is received.
  • a referral to service the case is received from a public assistance program (TANF, Foster Care, and Medicaid).
  • a request for assistance from another state’s Child Support program is received.

Contact Child Support to find out if you are receiving Full Services.


Full Services compared to Limited Services

Services Comparison Table

Service Full Service Limited Service
Establish Paternity Genetic testing, which is sometimes called DNA testing, is available at no charge when a child's father has not been legally established. None
Establish Child Support and Medical Support Orders Child Support will help to establish an order for child support and medical support unless an order already exists. None
Payment Processing Child Support receives and disburses payments.

Child Support receives and disburses payments.


Many enforcement tools are available including income withholding, tax refund intercept, intercept of lottery and certain gaming winnings, reporting to credit bureaus, suspending driver's and professional licenses, denying passports, and freezing and taking certain property.

Limited to income withholding

Review and Adjustment Child Support will review the support amount every 18 months at the request of either parent. None
Autopay, Payment Plan, and Employment Services Tools are available for the parent who pays support to help manage payments and when necessary to help get caught up with any past-due support. None

Many resources are available to locate a parent’s whereabouts, employment, and assets.

Services Fees Federal law requires a fee be charged.  In North Dakota the fee is $35 per year and is collected from the person who receives support. The fee is charged when certain conditions are met.

A fee of $5 per month is charged to the person who receives support each month support is collected.

Limited services are automatically provided to parents when child support is included in a court order issued by a North Dakota court.