Medical Support is a form of child support.

Court orders for child support must also include health insurance coverage for the children as required by law. A medical support obligation is established when the child support obligation is established.


  • The parent who receives support is required to carry health insurance for the children if health insurance is available at low cost or no cost. 
  • The parent who pays support is required to provide health insurance if it is available at reasonable cost and not available at low cost or no cost to the other parent. (Reasonable cost is defined as available on a group basis or through an employer or union.)
    • Child Support will collect health insurance information from the parent who pays support and provide the information to the parent who receives support.  Collecting the health insurance information may be done by having the parent who pays support complete the Medical Support Affidavit or, when necessary, by contacting the employer of the parent who pays support for information about health insurance.

Child Support does not decide how medical expenses not covered by health insurance are paid.