Employers must respond to a Request for Information form issued by Child Support within 10 days after receipt of the form. The employer must complete and return the Request for Information form if the employee is currently employed or has been within the last 180 days.

Information requested:

  • The amount of income currently paid to the employee, calculated on a monthly basis;
  • The total amount of income paid to the employee in the last 12 months;
  • Information about health insurance available to the employee's children through the employer;
  • The social security number under which payment by the employer to the employee is reported;
  • The employee's address; and
  • If the employee is no longer with employer, the date of last payment and any forwarding address.

Employers often contract with third party entities to respond to the Request for Information form. Child Support will work with third parties to the extent feasible. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure Requests for Information are responded to as provided by law.