Can employers remit income withholding payments to Child Support electronically?

Yes. There are two options for remitting income withholding payments electronically.

  1. Web EFT - Login and authorize payments for your employees.  There is no cost and no programming required.
  2. Electronic Funds Transfer/Electronic Data Interchange (EFT/EDI).  EFT is the transfer of funds and EDI is the transfer of data.  The data is used by Child Support to post income withholding payments.  With this method, employers use their own software to initiate payments in a batch format.  This method is preferred by larger employers.  Contact Child Support to learn more.
Can I remit child support payments using the same electronic funds transfer process as I use when sending my employee's paycheck to his/her bank account?

No. All child support payments go to the same bank account. It's important that remittance information accompany payments so Child Support can properly post to each individual. If electronic payments get commingled, Child Support would have no way to determine how much money should be applied to each individual's case.

Who can remit payments electronically?

Any employer located within the United States can remit payments electronically. Employers located in any foreign country cannot use this method to remit payments.

What do I need to do to remit payments using the Web EFT method?

Create a State of North Dakota Login ID. You may already have a North Dakota Login ID if you do electronic business with other North Dakota state agencies. The North Dakota Login ID allows you to access online services with many state agencies and you only have to remember one Login ID and password.

When will each Web EFT payment be deducted from my bank account?

You control the date of the deduction when you enter the Process Date for each payment. The payment amount will be deducted from your bank account 2 business days after the Process Date. You can make changes to your pending Web EFT until approximately 9:00 PM on the Process Date.

What if I need to change a Web EFT payment?

You have until approximately 9:00 PM on the Process Date to make changes or delete any pending payments. If a change is needed after 9:00 PM on the Process Date, contact Child Support to discuss what options may be available for you.

When do payments that are deducted from my account reach Child Support?

Your payments reach Child Support in 2 business days.

Can I view a history of payments that have been deducted from my account?

Yes. A history of payments deducted from your account within the last 180 days is available to you.

What if I decide the Web EFT payment method isn't right for my business?

You may withdraw from Web EFT at any time. Employers with 25 or more employees must remit payments electronically. If you have 25 or more employees and wish to withdraw from Web EFT, contact Child Support to discuss other payment options.

My employee has many questions about his or her child support case. How can I help my employee with these questions?

Please have your employee contact Child Support with all questions. A Child Support worker will review the details of your employee's case and answer your employee's questions.